Who We Are

The Lower East Side Business Improvement District (LES BID) has a long history of supporting the Lower East Side’s local economy.  After working for over 40 years as various business associations, what is now known as the LES BID, a non-profit economic development organization, was founded in its current capacity in 1992. The organization, a public/private partnership, is composed of property owners, merchants, residents and government representatives that work collaboratively to promote the Lower East Side through a variety of constantly evolving programs and dynamic initiatives. Operational funds come from a variety of sources including assessments paid by property owners, government grants and revenue currently derived from parking operations on Parcels 3 and 4.

The LES BID’s award winning marketing initiatives provide a wealth of information for visitors, tourists, and residents. The LES BID currently operates a fully staffed visitor center that acts as a central resource for our merchants to provide information about their products and services as well as displaying useful information about our cultural and community partners and other points of interest throughout Lower Manhattan.

The LES BID produces a signature three block interactive special event series, Daylife, which activates an existing street closure on historic Orchard Street, several Sundays throughout the year. These events provide thousands of visitors and residents a taste of all that our unique community has to offer. The LES BID also produces a series of publications, including a local neighborhood guide that is produced annually and a gallery guide that is produced quarterly. In addition, our website and family of location based mobile applications work together to provide an easily accessible source of information about merchants, cultural institutions, community groups and various events.

The LES BID currently manages the public plazas along Delancey Street and works in partnership with other community-based organizations to enhance the overall quality of life for residents in the district. In addition to plaza maintenance and programming, the LES BID maintains and paints street furniture, hangs street light planters, and supports other beautification elements throughout the Lower East Side. We are committed to ensuring that residents and our merchant community work together to make the Lower East Side the best neighborhood in Manhattan to work, shop, and live.

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