LES Visitor Center

Come say hello!

The LES BID has operated a state-of-the art Visitor Center for over three years, located at 54 Orchard Street. The acquisition of this dynamic space was made possible with funding from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. This Visitor Center has become a natural destination for both visitors originating from the greater NYC area, and also those that come from all corners of the world. The Visitor Center is also a central hub for residents who are interested in learning more about the many local points of interest in the both the LES community, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods of the East Village and Chinatown. Another main draw of this Visitor Center is that it acts as a resource of information on the multitude of community events offered by the surrounding businesses and organizations, and also, those produced by the LES BID.

The LES Visitor Center was designed with a modern and sophisticated aesthetic that comfortably encourages patrons to take their time, soaking in the wealth of information on both the neighborhood and the city, at large. The LES BID frequently receives requests for additional information about other points of interest in Manhattan and throughout the five boroughs.